Christimas Spirit?

Christmas arrives in two weeks, and I’m having trouble finding today’s word-of-the-week…


You know, that wonderful glowing Christmas Spirit—lights and shopping and chestnuts roasting on an open fire. This year for some reason it’s
just not happening.

I thought about it a bit over the weekend and wondered if perhaps it’s not such a terrible predicament. Maybe missing that warm, gushy feeling isn’t a bad thing.

I’m trying—and struggling—to learn that a quality life isn’t about reacting to feelings. Anyone can do what’s right when it feels good, but the real test happens when those fuzzy feelings aren’t present.

And let’s be honest—that cultural “Christmas spirit” often masks the true meaning and purpose of the season. It’s awfully easy to get caught up in parties and food and tinsel. It’s easy to allow the wrapping paper to hide more than gifts under the tree.

Christmas is about Jesus, Emmanuel, God-with-us. And Jesus isn’t a feeling.

Jesus is a person. He chose a stinky stable, not because it felt nice and cozy like the shiny nativity scene on the mantle, but because it was the only way. But how often do I respond to Him based on my silly temporary emotions?

Maybe my missing “Christmas spirit” is a reminder to celebrate when I don’t feel like it, to be grateful because I am grateful rather than responding to a marketing strategy.

Maybe I’ll find the real Christmas spirit by not feeling the Christmas spirit.

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