What Would You Change?

If you could go back, what would you change?

Occasionally someone asks a question something like this:

So much good has come from your injury. Knowing that, if you could go back and change that day would  you do it?

I generally don’t like hypothetical situations. It’s too easy to take an extreme, non-negotiable position when you don’t have to deal with real-life consequences. But with this issue I’m absolutely certain of my answer.

Yes, I would!

Does that seem selfish?

The folks who ask that question usually seem surprised. How could I possibly consider tossing away all the great friends, the personal growth, and the people who’ve been touched and inspired by my story?

That response relies on a false choice. I can either have the wheelchair and the blessings that followed OR I can walk and lose the blessings. That’s not how it works.

God causes ALL things to work together for good (Romans 8:28). He doesn’t need human mistakes, senseless accidents, horrible diseases, or impossibly tragic deaths to create good results.

God didn’t “cause” my accident. I realize some people will disagree, but I don’t believe He needed this struggle to get my attention..

I can’t possibly know how my life might have played out if I’d simply suffered a broken arm or a few bruises. I’m sure things would be different. I’m also sure God would have caused those altered circumstances to work together for good.

I am decidedly NOT grateful for life in a wheelchair. There’s nothing noble or heroic about it.

But I AM grateful that God didn’t give up on me, that He created so much good in the midst of tragedy. I’m grateful for hope, for the ability to see possibilities and dreams in difficult circumstances, for the assurance that God works for good in every single life.

In the end, questions like this don’t really matter because life doesn’t provide do-overs. Just as well—I’d likely make an even bigger mess.

Life’s not really about events and circumstances anyway. Whatever happens, our path is determined mostly by our attitudes and responses.

We can choose to move forward with the certain hope that God keeps His promises–in ALL circumstances.

I’m grateful.

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