Are you Watching or Doing?

I ran across this photo from the movie Gladiator the other day. As I looked at the scene I realized that it contains two types of characters.

Most of the people sit in the stands and watch. A few choose to enter the arena.

That’s a sad metaphor for how life works.

Rich’s Ride has convinced me that I don’t want to watch life happen. I don’t want to live vicariously through sports and celebrities and reality television.

I don’t want to pretend I’m following Jesus by watching someone else do it.

I have to be careful with this because I don’t do moderation very well. Even the best gladiators can’t be on the arena floor 24/7. They have to train and rest and recover. Sixty-year-old gladiators can’t pretend they’re still twenty if they wish to survive and thrive.

But gladiators don’t prepare for the arena by sitting in the stands.

I don’t want to watch. I want to be in the arena.

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