In this life we are incomplete. We know in part. We have moments of inspiration, but perspiration and aggravations continually remind us of our temporary status, our deficiencies, our ultimate demise. All of our effort cannot lift us out of the world that we find ourselves in. Yet, our spirits are continually lifted to a higher plane by the Word, the Spirit, the Truth, where we wait, with all Christendom, for that unifying Touch.


I thought myself alone
My voice a mere moan
Emitting from my cave
Of loneliness…

While thus enslaved
The mirage You staved
Saved, once again,
This claustrophobe.

For thousands and thousands and thousands of souls
Even this moment do You extol
My voice a mere morsel compared to the feast
That’s offered up daily and laid at your feet.

Significant? No,
My rhythms and rhymes
Are doomed to succumb
To the pressures of Time,

But just for this moment
With souls in delight
We all raise our voice
To light up the night.

~ * ~
Copyright 2008-2011 by Roadrunner.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
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