When We Come to the End of Ourselves

There are times when we face problems, and life gets a bit tough. But we gut it out, get back up, brush ourselves off, and feel pretty proud of ourselves for conquering whatever knocked us down.

But there are other times when there is no way out. Our self-sufficiency blows away like so much dust in the wind.

These are the times when we must fall down on our knees and cry out “Please, God, save me!” And these are the times when God can bring true and lasting change in our lives.

Sometimes God allows you to be placed in a position where there is nowhere left to turn but to him. In the middle of a struggle, it’s tough to admit you can’t handle it by yourself.

Yet one of the greatest and most liberating moments in life occurs when you stop, reach out to God, and say the words, “I can’t do this on my own.”

Then you are in a position to receive God’s care and give him the glory for his work

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Copyright 2011, Chaplain Michael Clark

All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Chaplain Clark is a Speaker and Writer,
Addiction Counselor/Professional

as well as a Recovery Support Specialist

Shadows of the Cross Ministries, Prison and Recovery Ministry

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