It’s the final week of Rich’s Ride, the perfect time for this word-of-the-week…


Complete—the verb. This week is about completing what we’ve started.

To me, completing involves more than just getting done. Completing means ending well, making the final days the best. It’s about using everything we’ve learned to take full advantage of each moment.

At a speaking event this weekend someone commented, “I bet it feels good to be so close to your goal so you can take the last week a little easier.”

I understand the sentiment, but “easing up” isn’t the way I want to end this amazing opportunity. I hope we can touch more people, spread the message wider, and impact more hearts than in previous weeks. And if that doesn’t happen I want to know we tried our best.

When you’re doing something important, you don’t try to just get through it, because that means you want to get on to something else.

If you care about what you’re doing, you want to complete the work before you.

Have a great week.

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