Rights? or Responsibility?

So much emphasis is put on rights these days.  “I want my rights!” “Give me my rights!!”

When was the last time you heard anyone say “I want my responsibilities!” “Give me my responsibilities!!”

An interesting thing occurred to me as I was writing this blog. Most blogging software has what are known as “Word Clouds.” The key words used most often appear in bigger print and the words used less often are in smaller print. After a period of time I noticed these two words right next to one another:

This blog is about being a Christian in recovery. It is obvious from the word cloud that here we talk a lot more about responsibility than we do rights. Then I started thinking about the Bible. What does it talk more about: our rights? no…. Scripture emphasizes our responsibilities!

In your recovery which word is larger? What carries more weight: your rights? or your responsibilities? Why do you think this is so?

How does this affect your recovery? your faith?

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~ Obie

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