Angry At God?

Have you ever been angry with God?

Last week I spoke to an amazing group of kids. Reality Youth Center serves young people from tough environments. Poverty, abuse, neglect, absent parents—nearly every member of the audience has experienced a challenging childhood.

After I told them about my injury, I confessed that I spent a lot of time being angry at the world, at my friends, and at God. Then I asked, “Do you guys think it’s okay to be mad at God?”

Almost universally, they shook their heads or quietly said, “No.”

Their response surprised me. How about you?

I stopped for a moment. In a different setting I would have asked for some discussion to understand their thinking, but with 100 kids in a worship time that didn’t seem practical.

What would you have done at that point?

I chose honesty. I repeated that I felt anger toward God and that I thought it was okay. Since that wasn’t the main point of my message, I moved forward.

I wondered, though, where they got the message that it’s wrong to be mad at God.

I’ve always figured that God wants authenticity. After all, what’s the point of pretending when He knows what I’m thinking anyway? So when I talk to Him, I try to be as honest as possible.

I think God’s okay with me expressing my true feelings. I think He understands, because He’s been there.

I’m not claiming that being angry with God is a good thing or that it accomplishes anything worthwhile. Like most anger, it’s wasted energy aimed in the wrong direction.

But when I do feel angry, I think He wants me to talk to Him about it.

What do you think?

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