What is Your Story?

I’m constantly amazed by the individual stories we hear from people as we talk about hope. I think there’s a lesson for us in the depth and variety of experiences.

It’s easy to divide the world into two groups—those who face some kind of challenge, and those who don’t. It’s pointless—there’s nobody in the second group.

Everybody’s got a story of confronting adversity. Some struggles are visible, most aren’t.

We’ve heard from folks who dismiss their personal issues because “they’re not as bad as yours.” Some have trouble admitting their hidden dilemmas because they are afraid of appearing like they lack faith. Often they’ve adopted a tough exterior shell to hide their vulnerability.

One amazing aspect of telling my story is that it seems to open doors and break down walls. It’s as though one person’s vulnerability makes it a bit easier to lower carefully-maintained barriers.

I believe that’s one of many incredible facets of a relationship with Jesus. He’s been there; He’s felt the pain, disappointment, and discouragement. He freely and willingly exposed Himself to ridicule and suffering, refusing to hide behind His identity as God.

He knows that everybody’s got a story. He knows those stories, and walks through every messy moment with us. And He loves us anyway.

That’s a story worth telling.

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