Never Give Up? Really?

Is it ever good to quit?

I spoke to kids today at Trinity Christian HS in Carbondale. When I finished I asked them what message they got from my ramblings. They had lots of great responses—I think they actually listened.

But one boy said something that’s had me thinking. He said, “Never give up.”

That’s definitely the message for kids in a culture that encourages quitting at the first sign of struggle. But I wonder—is “never give up” really a good life motto?

I’m  thinking that there are times to change course, turn around, or just decide you’re on the wrong path. Surely we need persistence; we should honor promises and commitments. Giving up shouldn’t be the first option.

But aren’t there times when giving up is exactly the right thing?

I think maybe the hard thing is discerning when you’re quitting and when you’re just recognizing that there’s a better path.

What are your thoughts about “never give up”?

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