* Love Each Other *

* John 15:17: “This is my command: Love each other.” *

I visited a neighbor and noticed a large goose egg on her forehead.

Her four-year-old granddaughter told me her grandma fell down on the kitchen floor. “I cried because my grandma wouldn’t get up. I love my grandma. I was scared.”

My neighbor has diabetes. She had skipped lunch and fainted. Her granddaughter hugged her and again expressed her love and concern for her grandma.

I asked the little girl to help her grandma get dinner ready. I watched in awe as she opened the refrigerator and pulled out everything her grandma needed to make sandwiches. She also took out the sauce pan to heat soup.

That child reminded me of this verse. Though only four, she did everything she could to show her love for her grandma.

I said good bye. My neighbor stood at the door with her granddaughter wrapped around her like Velcro. Her granddaughter said, “I’ll come get you if my grandma falls again.”

Dear God, help me love others. Amen.

*Application:* Who needs your love this week?

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