A Man Plans His Course

Proverbs 16:9: “In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.”

In kindergarten, I wanted to become a teacher. I did and taught school for years.

I never thought I would leave teaching and become a substance abuse counselor, much less in a men’s prison.

My plans vanished, and the LORD determined my steps.

Do you live or work to please other people, seek their approval, or keep peace at any price?

Have you planned your course without consulting the LORD? Are you doing things your way without prayer and Bible study?

I understand because I’ve tried to arm wrestle God. He always wins.

Dear God, help me accept your steps. Amen.

Application: In which situation will you surrender your course to the LORD?

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Copyright 2011, Yvonne Ortega, LPC, LSATP, CCDVC

All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Yvonne is a Speaker, Author, Counselor, Cancer Survivor and

serves on the Board of Directors of Christians in Recovery.

She is the author of Finding Hope for Your Journey through Breast Cancer.

Visit her website: http://YvonneOrtega.com

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