The Blackness of Hitting Bottom

In the movie Apollo 13, Jim Lovell (played by Tom Hanks) reminisces on an event when he was a military pilot. One night, he was flying a mission from an aircraft carrier near Japan. He was trying to find his ship in order to land. His radios had stopped working. His direction finder signals were being scrambled by a ham radio operator in Japan. And just when he thought that things could not possibly get worse all the instrument lights went out in his cockpit. In addition the aircraft carrier that he was trying to find was running without lights so as not to be detected by the enemy.

He had no communication, no means of knowing in what direction he was going and no way to see the aircraft carrier. Fear gripped him as he sat there in the void of blackness.

Then he noticed something. He could see a faint, eerie blue-green glow in the water below him. He took a closer look and realized it was the phosphorescence in the seawater being activated by the propeller wash of the aircraft carrier. He had found his place to land in the middle of a vast ocean!

This miracle took place only because of the depth of darkness he was in. If there had been only one small light on in the cockpit, he would have never found that aircraft carrier. Sometimes we have to be plummeted into the depths where everything is black and there is nothing but a sucking void before we can see the Light.

Perhaps you are struggling with an addiction for dysfunctional behavior. Or you are hitting bottom in life. Everything about you is black. Look up out of the darkness. Admit that you are powerless and that life has become unmanageable. You will see that glimmer, that Light that can only be perceived in the darkness.

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