Is it Accountability or Dependability?

Accountability is defined as:  Being obliged to answer to an authority for your actions

Dependability is defined as:  Worthy of reliance or trust

What are you learning about accountability in your own recovery?
What exactly do you need to be accountable for? and to whom do you need to be accountable?

I thought that if I was dependable that was the same as being accountable.
People could depend on me so I was “OK”. Right?

I was not accountable. I did not answer to the higher authority of God.I was doing things that were definitely not pleasing to him. Although they were pleasing to myself (self-destructive as they were) it was not until I understood what accountability was that recovery started to become a reality for me.

I fell into the trap of thinking if I just prayed God would fix me. But those prayers went unanswered and recovery was elusive.

That went on for years.

It did not truly assume responsibility until I learned what accountability was all about. I had to become accountable to God for everything that passed my lips: every fork full, every drink, every word I uttered.

I had to think, were these actions glorifying God? or were they just temporarily making me feel better? Of course when I was eating, drinking or saying things for my own pleasure —  the guilt and shame would always follow shortly thereafter. But when I ate and drank and spoke in ways that were pleasing to God — when I was accountable — there was no guilt and shame. And eventually there was a joy that arose from these new behaviors and habits.

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~ Obie
Executive Director, Christians in Recovery

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