I Sinned and Nothing Happened

We have all been taught that God will punish us for our sins: if we sin something bad will happen. And how often have we done something wrong, waited for something terrible to happen as a result and then…  seemingly, there were no repercussions. Then we start to ask ourselves, “Why shouldn’t I do that? It makes no difference.”

We may not pray as we should each day or we swear or we indulge in our addictive behavior, and think nothing of it because nothing dramatic happens (lightning does not strike). But this is where we miss the mark. Nothing outwardly happens, but inner deterioration begins. It is quiet and undetectable (much like cancer– only this is cancer of the soul, a much more serious matter).

Each time we choose to ignore God or shut him out of our lives, this inner cancer blooms and grows. We start to experience inner chaos and conflict, lack of self respect and before we know it, we are in a black abyss.

The little sins do matter just as much as the big ones.

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~ Obie

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