The Fear Of Missing Out

Are you ever paralyzed by the fear of missing out?

One of my good friends loves sunsets. He goes absolutely bonkers at the sight of a gorgeous sunset. When you live in Colorado, the Rocky Mountains provide almost daily opportunities to savor this special sort of beauty.

One evening we were at Coors Field in Denver for a baseball game. The stadium offers a great view of the mountains over the left field bleachers. We were enjoying the game and suddenly my buddy jumped up and exclaimed, “That’s the most amazing sunset ever!”

I’m not sure I would have ranked it as “best of all time,” but it was a beautiful sight. The sun was about halfway concealed behind a snow-capped peak, with just enough clouds to reflect a wonderful assortment of colors.

My friend pointed to the third deck. “I’m going up there to get a better view.” And he turned his back to the mountains and sprinted up the aisle and out of sight.

By the time he returned the sun had disappeared and the colors had pretty much faded. “How was it?” I asked.

“Don’t know,” he replied. “By the time I ran up three flights of stairs and got through the crowd, it was gone.”

He was so afraid he’d miss out on a better view that he failed to enjoy what was right in front of him.

God gives us moments.

I wonder how many of them we neglect because we fear we’re passing on something better. How much do we miss in fear of missing out?

I’m preparing to spend two months cranking my bike along the Mississippi River. I’m certain I’ll encounter interesting people and remarkable stories. I believe God will place amazing opportunities on the journey.

I hope I don’t fail to perceive or appreciate His gifts because I think I might find something better around the next corner.

I hope I don’t miss what’s right in front of me because I’m afraid of missing out.

How do you avoid falling prey to the fear of missing out?

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