Is God Risk-Free?

If you’re not doing something that scares you, you’re not living life to its fullest.

Do you agree with the statement above?

I do. It’s a new perspective for me.

I always figured God was about being careful, safe, and secure. The Christians I knew seemed to be the most conservative, cautious, risk-averse folks around. Seemed to me that the church functioned as a sort of protective cocoon.

I’m beginning to understand that following Jesus isn’t risk-free. The sanitized version of religion that often passes for modern Christianity doesn’t have much in common with the call to “…take up your cross and follow me.”

A cross tends to be a scary place.

I’m thinking that whenever I need every possible contingency covered before I start, I’m not trusting God much. Who needs God if I’ve got everything under control?

I don’t think I’m called to be reckless. I’ve taken my share of dumb risks, made more than my share of thoughtless choices. I’ve hurt others with my recklessness, and I don’t think that’s God’s idea. He doesn’t want my life to be an endless string of spiritual and emotional x-games stunts.

But He’s also not asking me to sit safely on the sidelines, either.

Someone told me recently that if I do Rich’s Ride in God’s will, He’ll cover the project with His blessing. I absolutely believe that, but I don’t think it’s any guarantee of success.

Godly enterprises and Godly people experience pain and failure in a broken world. The guarantee is that we don’t walk alone and that He never wastes our struggle. It’s never pointless.

The closer Rich’s Ride gets, the more frightened I become. It’s by far the biggest risk I’ve ever taken, and I have no idea what’s going to happen.

I think this is where God wants me—dreaming a God-sized dream I can’t possibly accomplish on my own. I think He wants me to step out in faith. I think He wants me to trust Him for the outcome.

So that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m rolling over the edge with very little idea what’s waiting.

It’s scary.

Do you sense that God’s leading you in scary directions? How do you handle it?

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