How do you know if you’re receiving God’s blessing?

Do you ever think about being blessed?

Last night I had the opportunity to share the vision of RICH’S RIDE with a group that included  a lot of hurting folks. More than half of the audience was either “living  outside” (their term) or finding shelter day-to-day. Many came simply for the  free meal.

These folks needed to hear about hope.

Afterward, a number of people said encouraging things about  the ride. I especially noticed how many times someone assured me that God would bless this project.

I appreciated their reassurance, but it never really occurred to me that He wouldn’t bless our efforts. So of course I started wondering what they meant.

Surprised … and not

Yesterday I explained how God Surprised Me with a response to prayer. I felt a clear sense  that He was encouraging me and reminding me that I wasn’t alone.

It was a powerful experience, but I was equally impacted by  what He didn’t say. I didn’t hear: It’s  all going to happen like you plan it. I’ll make sure everything goes smoothly and you accomplish everything you want.

So here’s the question: if something goes wrong, or if the whole thing falls apart, is that a signal that we lack God’s blessing?

I don’t think so. I go back to my foundational scripture passage  (Romans 8:28):

God causes everything to work together for good.

I absolutely believe that, but my interpretation adds two clarifiers. God uses His definition of “good” and operates on His schedule.


I’m thinking that the silliest prayer I might offer is for God to adopt my vision for this project. Perhaps I’d do better to seek a better understanding of His vision.

I don’t know how this project will unfold. I do know I’ll get frustrated and angry when something doesn’t happen according to my plans.

But I won’t interpret problems, obstacles, or failures as signs that God’s not “blessing” our efforts.

Those folks who love Jesus and find themselves “living outside”—I think God blesses them, too. He blessed them with a community that cared enough to provide a meal, fellowship, and a message of hope.

We’re not blessed so things will go smoothly. We’re blessed so we can be a blessing to those we encounter. (Gen 12:2)

Of course I want the ride to go smoothly. But my prayer is that God will use the project to touch hearts.

If that happens—and I believe it will—we’ll be blessed.

How do you know if you’re receiving God’s blessing?

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