God Surprised Me

He does that occasionally.

Just when I think I have the infinite creator of the universe figured out, He does something other than what I expected.

My eyes popped open at about 4:45 this morning. My brain immediately began swirling with about a million things I need to be doing at once to get ready for RICH’S RIDE. Articles to write, web site to update, gotta get the itinerary and route nailed down. Need to work on speaking gigs, meet with folks who are doing press stuff, and prepare for two presentations.

And, oh yeah, there’s that whole “training to ride 1500 miles” thing.

So I looked out the window. In the pre-dawn darkness I could see the outline of a big locust tree just standing there peacefully. So I watched it and, before sliding out of bed and into the day, I talked to God.

I told Him about all this stuff and how much I enjoyed it but I couldn’t see how to get it all done. I told Him I was thankful for the opportunities and for this project that seems like the culmination of so many things that have happened over the last twenty years. And I told Him I feared that I wouldn’t get it all done.

Then I just watched the tree and listened. I expected Him to tell me it was okay, that I could give myself a break. I figured I’d get the sense that I could relax and lighten up, that this stuff wasn’t a big deal. I thought I’d hear something about peace and rest.

But that’s not what I got. As the morning lightened and the tree stood quietly, leaves shimmering in the breeze, I heard or felt or sensed something very different.

You can do it.


What I really expected was an escape. I wanted Him to make things easier, to tip the scales a little in my favor.

I do that a lot. Instead of asking for the courage and strength to face my circumstances, I ask for easier circumstances. And this time I got a pretty clear sense that God wanted me to know I didn’t need different circumstances.

This is, after all, what I’ve been dreaming about for more than a decade. It’s coming together in amazing ways with a remarkable circle of support and love from people like you. And I truly believe God’s been guiding and preparing me for this time.

And now He’s asking me to trust Him, to believe that He’s putting this together in just the right way. He’s telling me that this isn’t the season to rest.

I think He’s telling me that some very powerful lessons and opportunities await and that I should anticipate them rather than trying to avoid the work they require.

I think He’s telling me one other thing.

Don’t forget; we’re in this together.

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