Have you ever questioned God’s will or purpose for your life?

…according to the kind intention of His will (Ephesians 1:5).

Have you ever questioned God’s will or purpose for your life? Oh, come on, let’s be honest here. Who hasn’t? We all have those self-centered, poor-me moments when we really think we deserve something better, and I’m certainly no exception. This past week I received a couple of major honors for one of my books, so it was easy to praise God and extol His great plans and intentions for my life. But what about when we’re passed over for that award, or our children walk away from God, or relationships crumble and finances collapse?

The Scriptures assure us that God’s intentions toward us are “kind” and that His plans and purposes are for our good (see Jeremiah 29:11). We know God’s Word is true despite the circumstances that swirl around us, but why do we find it so difficult to stay focused on that great truth?

I for one equate myself to Peter, who knew at one moment that he could walk on water to go to Jesus and the next moment took His eyes off the Savior and became overwhelmed by the wind and waves, immediately going down for the count. Been there, done that! Thank God for Jesus who reaches down and pulls us back up, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could remember to keep our eyes and focus where they belong in the first place!

That’s my prayer today, dear friends, and I hope you will join me. Let’s make a pact to believe what we say we believe—that God’s plans are for our good and His intentions toward us are kind. It will change our countenance, our actions…and the way others view us and respond to the call of the Savior. What a good and kind God we serve!

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