Love Not Withheld

Psalm 66:20: “Praise to God, who has not rejected my prayer or withheld his love from me!

God wants us to pray to him. He listens to our prayers. He doesn’t reject them. On the whole, we seem to understand and believe that. Therefore, we will pray to him.

Sometimes we struggle to believe God doesn’t withhold his love from us. We think that if we sin, God will withhold his love from us, but he extends forgiveness and love to us.

Some of us grew up in a home where parents loved us only if we performed in a stellar fashion and made them look good. Some of us received love only if we went along with parents’ actions even if they contradicted God’s Word.

God doesn’t operate that way. He is our heavenly Father, our perfect parent. He loves us with an unconditional eternal love. He doesn’t withhold his love from us.

Dear God, thank you that you don’t reject my prayers or withhold your love from me. Amen.

Application: Like our heavenly Father, what will you do this week to extend your love?

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