Finding Your Sweet Spot

What makes some things—even hard things—so satisfying?

I just know you jumped up this morning wondering about my first hand cycle ride after a two-month layoff. I promised pictures.

And you’re wondering how it went, right?

Well, it was awkward and unfamiliar. It was a bit scary, hoping I wouldn’t cause further damage to a freshly-healed wound. It was slow and difficult; sixty-year-old muscles don’t spring back into action as quickly as they used to.

In short, it was a wonderful, exhilarating experience.

This slow forty-minute ride was the first step in a long process of training and preparing for Rich’s Ride. It’s hard to describe how much I anticipated this seemingly ordinary event.


I believe that hand cycling in general, and Rich’s Ride in particular, allows me to live and serve in my personal Sweet Spot.

The “sweet spot” is that marvelous intersection of needs, gifts, and passions.


We’re surrounded by unmet needs. Hunger, poverty, homelessness, abuse, teen pregnancy, unemployment … the list is literally endless. No individual can possibly address every need even within their personal sphere of influence. It’s pointless to try.

That doesn’t mean we don’t care, but we’ve all known someone who joins every cause, serves on every committee, and always raises a hand to volunteer. We also know what inevitably happens—burnout, resentment, and disillusionment.


Scripture clearly teaches that each of us is uniquely gifted by the Spirit. It makes sense that we’ll be more effective if we find places to serve in which the needs match our gifts.

It’s basic stewardship. I seek to use what God’s given me as wisely as possible.


Some issues stir our hearts; I believe that comes from God. This stirring is more than momentary emotion. It’s a deeply-felt passion that leads us to voluntarily accept unexplainable sacrifices without really perceiving them as sacrifices. It’s the sort of passion that causes people to go above and beyond.

That’s the kind of passion I feel about Rich’s Ride. When I tell people my plans, I get a variety of reactions. But I think it’s fair to imagine that most folks don’t truly understand what inspires me to undertake such a project.

And that’s okay. The ride is MY sweet spot. It’s where I can use my gifts and passions to meet some of the needs I perceive.

Here’s the thing about serving in that sweet spot: it’s a place of joy. It may not be easy or fun, but it’s satisfying and peaceful because you’re using what God gave you to serve.

I believe God calls us to serve sacrificially. Too often we equate sacrifice with misery or self-denial or even pain. But the people I know who serve in their sweet spots seem to sacrifice with a sense of peace and contentment.

I think that’s a pretty good image of how Jesus lived.

It’s what I’m seeking.

Where are you in the diagram? What activities get you in your personal sweet spot?

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