A Kiss on the Lips

Proverbs 24:26: “An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips.”

When we think of a kiss on the lips, we think of something good, of love and tenderness. God’s Word compares an honest answer to a kiss on the lips.

One man told me, “I tell it like it is.”  He said he and his wife went shopping. She asked him what he thought of an outfit she tried on. He said she looked fat in that ugly outfit.

Maybe what he said was true, but his “honest” answer was not like a kiss on the lips, and his wife wouldn’t shop with him anymore.

The way he spoke to his wife showed a lack of respect for her. I suggested he find a kind way of being honest.

I reminded him she chose him for a husband. If her choice of clothing was that bad, what did that say about her choice of a husband?

God wants us to tell the truth in our relationships, but he wants us to do so in love.

Dear God, help me give an honest answer in love. Amen.

Application: When you speak, let your honest answer be like a kiss on the lips.

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