Has The Gospel Changed You?

Has the gospel changed you—how?

I love my small group.

We get into amazing, deep, authentic discussions. We ask questions to which there aren’t necessarily any right answers, and it’s okay. I think we’re blessed to spend time together each week.

Last night we encountered this question: How has the gospel changed you? However, there was an interesting twist—the question focused on outward change, behaviors and attitudes that others could see and observe and recognize as somehow different.

In Matthew 5, Jesus tells us we’re supposed to be the light of the world. Then He says we’re like a city built on a hill—everyone sees it, it can’t be hidden.

It’s a pretty clear image. When people look for Jesus, they see you and me. We are that city on the hill.

I don’t know about you, but for me that’s not an especially comforting thought. I tossed and turned a few times wondering how much light I’m contributing to the city.

It’s a big responsibility—being the light of the world seems like almost a full-time job.

I know the gospel, the good news of Jesus, has changed my heart. But how has it changed me in ways others can see? Am I kinder or gentler? Am I more patient, generous, peaceful, or loving?

I need to think about that, because I don’t think Jesus’ call to be a city on a hill is metaphorical. I think He wants us to be in communities that look and act differently, that reflect His light, because we’ve been changed by the gospel.

How has the gospel changed you—outwardly?

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