How Do You Talk To Jesus?

How do you picture your relationship with Jesus?

Yesterday I wrote about God In Ordinary Things and my conviction that God has worked in my life mostly through ordinary events and people.

Today I’m thinking that He sent Jesus as an ordinary man.

I understand that theologically He was the most extraordinary man who ever lived, but it doesn’t seem like that’s how He wants us to relate to Him.

I’ve sometimes been accused of being a bit irreverent, but I think Jesus would welcome that in place of artificial piety and formality. He appeared as a common man who really wanted to hang out with His friends and engage in real conversations.

I worship Jesus. He’s King, Savior, Lord, and many other things. He’s Eternal God, Creator … not enough words.

But if you told me He was walking up the driveway right now, I wouldn’t expect purple robes and a big entourage. I think He’d ring the doorbell in blue jeans and sneakers. He’d smile when the dog barked at Him.

I don’t think He’d care about the cluttered counter. He’d sit at the kitchen table with a coffee mug in His scarred hands. I think He’d want to have a conversation.

I’d probably tell Him about some really pressing problem, and He’d help me see it from a better perspective. I imagine He’d tell a story I didn’t quite understand. I think He’d laugh if I told Him my friend Clark (from Wisconsin) wants to know what He was thinking when He invented the mosquito.

The point is…it’s an ordinary interaction. It’s comfortable and familiar. It’s a place I can be real.

It’s personal.

How do you picture your personal conversations with Jesus?

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