Is it a Setback or a Tragedy?

How would you distinguish a setback from a tragedy?

Over the weekend I got sick. Friday night it was fever and raging headache, Saturday brought chills and endless sleep. Sunday it was all of the above, and even in manly denial I had to admit something might be wrong.

Arrived at ER per doc’s orders, and didn’t even have to check in. This might be serious.

They took samples of every possible bodily fluid while I shivered with a temp of nearly 103. Because I sit in a wheelchair, they rolled me over to check my skin.

”Uh Oh.”

There are some things you don’t want to hear in an ER. Generally, ”Uh Oh” is on that list.

A few more fun tests involving strangers staring at my bare backside confirmed that I’d developed a rather nasty infection. Treatment—antibiotics and no pressure on the affected area.

So I’m typing in bed, where I’m confined for all but 15-20 minute stretches. And I’m typing one-handed, since I can’t be on my back. So your daily chuckle can come from picturing a guy whose hands don’t work typing one-handed. I’ll let you imagine the gyrations involved in a question mark. No exclamations until further notice.

So what’s the point?

It’s a setback

I’m training for this big bike ride. It’s all planned. So much to do. Twenty-three years with no skin issues—why now?

I think through Jesus’ life and realize He faced lots of setbacks. Friends and enemies did all sorts of crazy things that made life harder than necessary. So I looked for some things He did to prevent setbacks from derailing Him.

He prayed. Whenever He felt tired or overwhelmed, He withdrew and talked to God.

He saw each setback as a teaching opportunity. Perhaps this is a time to learn patience, or to slow down and think creatively. It isn’t what I wanted, but I can learn from it.

He kept the big picture in mind. He knew a small setback wouldn’t prevent God from accomplishing His purpose.

Okay, my arm’s getting tired. Help me out by adding to the list.

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