Do you feel a letdown after big events?

We’re in a small farmhouse with grandparents, kids, grandkids, great-grandkids. Toys are broken, parts missing, movies already watched. Cultural Christmas is over. Now what?

This week shouldn’t be just about driving home or preparing for the next party. It’s more than time to return gifts and spend those gift cards. That’s all part of the cultural aftermath.

This morning I’m thinking about what Mary and Joseph were doing two days after their son’s birth. I’m wondering what the shepherds’ conversations were like.

What was happening in that village? How many people had no clue that a miracle had occurred while they were doing their ordinary stuff? Did they see the family with the new baby? Did they notice anything special?

Life went forward, just like it’s moving forward today. Nothing seemed different, but everything had changed.

Just like today.

Wherever you are, travel safely and have a great last week of 2010!

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