Unexpected Grace

Are you willing to surprise someone with unexpected grace?

Our pastor asked that question yesterday. I hate it when a speaker tosses out a nugget like that—I don’t think I heard much of the rest of his message.

Surprised by unexpected grace.

That’s precisely what God did for me. I truly believed I’d wasted the life He gave me, that I’d passed the point of no return. I thought I’d messed up too badly to ever find redemption. I saw myself as an irretrievably lost soul.

My heart couldn’t embrace what my head knew about forgiveness.

Then the injury happened. For a decade I wandered in total darkness, absolutely certain that I was so lost that even God couldn’t find me. Frankly, I wasn’t sure He was even searching.

Possibility, hope, new beginning—those weren’t even intellectual realities any longer. Purpose, meaning, relationship—those died in the ER, and I wished for my useless body to join them.

God surprised me with unexpected grace. Darkness receded. The Light of the world revealed a path marked by unmerited joy and unearned love. Where I perceived only pain and hopelessness, the Light revealed a journey filled with promise and potential.

God proved that life is always about second (and third and fourth and…) chances. He placed people in my path who refused to allow me to quit, who wouldn’t be pushed away no matter how hard I tried. They surprised, and shocked, me by demonstrating unexpected grace.

Ever wonder if you matter?

I’ve experienced how God uses people to be “Jesus in t-shirts and blue jeans.” You are that person on somebody’s path. Might be someone close, a casual acquaintance, or a total stranger. Someone needs you to reflect the Light.

In the forward to Relentless Grace I wrote that the story was God’s, not mine. That sounds like one of those things writers say with almost false humility, but it’s absolutely the truth. I couldn’t have created the story—God surprised me with unexpected, relentless grace. And He did it through people just like you.

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And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds… [Hebrews 10:24]

Enjoy this amazing video, and think about who needs you to be “Jesus in a t-shirt and blue jeans.”

If you can’t see the video, click here.

Who can you surprise today with unexpected grace?

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