How Will We Leave Our Mark?

Have you ever wondered whether Jesus has a sense of humor? I’m pretty sure He does—a bunch of close friends who traveled together for three years must have shared some laughs.

Humor is a great way to make an important point. With that in mind, this poem is a marvelous parody of the famous poem, “Footprints in the Sand” by Mary Stevenson (Zangare).

“Butt Prints In The Sand” (author unknown)

“One night I had a wondrous dream,

One set of footprints there was seen,

The footprints of my precious Lord,

But mine were not along the shore.

But then some strange prints appeared,

And I asked the Lord, ‘What have we here?’

‘Those prints are large and round and neat,

‘But Lord, they are too big for feet.’

‘My child,’ he said in somber tones,

‘For miles I carried you along.

‘I challenged you to walk in faith,

‘But you refused and made me wait.

‘You disobeyed, you would not grow,

‘The walk of faith, you would not know,

‘So I got tired, I got fed up,

‘And there I dropped you on your butt.’

‘Because in life, there comes a time,

‘When one must fight, and one must climb,

‘When one must rise and take a stand,

Or leave their butt prints in the sand.’”

Let’s not leave our butt prints in the sand.

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