Knowledge and Good Judgment

Psalm 119:66: “Teach me knowledge and good judgment.”

As we approach Thanksgiving and the Christmas season, we may struggle with knowledge and good judgment. For some, this time of year means they eat more food than their body needs. Others may spend more money than they earn and ignore their bills. Still others may relapse on alcohol or other drugs during this party season.

Some people will camp in front of the stores on Thanksgiving evening to be the first in line for the Black Friday sales. Would they do this to be the first in line to enter their church service on Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Some people claim they cannot tithe at their church, but they will buy the latest gadgets and clothes on Black Friday. They will eat out without a moment’s consideration of the cost.

It’s time to ask God to teach us knowledge and good judgment. We can tell him we want to protect our physical, spiritual, emotional and financial health, but we can’t do it without him.

Dear God, teach me knowledge and good judgment. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Application: How will you demonstrate knowledge and good judgment this week?

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