Pavement: What is Important?

…isn’t all that precious.

Does it ever strike you that you treasure the wrong stuff?

This week I’m trying to focus on my belief in Abundance. I’m afraid that there’s a big space between my intellectual belief and my habitual attitudes. An objective observer might not conclude that I operate consistently from an abundance mentality.

I think I’m too much like the guy in this very bad joke:

A rich man is dying, and he’s depressed about leaving all of his stuff. He complains so much that God finally tells him he can being one bag filled with anything he wants.

So he shows up in heaven, and St. Peter asks him what’s in the bag. He proudly opens it and displays a bunch of gold.

St. Peter looks surprised. He chuckles and says, “God told you to bring anything you want, and you brought pavement?”

I seek the sort of eternal frame of reference that puts worldly concerns in perspective. The most precious substance on Earth—gold—is merely pavement in God’s presence.

I wonder what other “riches” consume my time and energy. What are the things that seem so important and really don’t matter much?

When it’s time to go home, will I be reluctant to let go of some silly worldly treasure?

I hope not.

What do you cling to that God might want you to release?

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