The Most Basic of all Human Needs

“I have loved you with an everlasting love.” -Jeremiah 31:3, NKJV

Human nature doesn’t change much, does it? Down through the ages and across all national and cultural borders and boundaries, we all long for the same thing: to be loved and accepted by someone who will not betray or abandon us.

God knows that longing in us, better than we know it ourselves. We can’t always identify it, but to one degree or another, that longing drives us—often to foolish choices. We put our hope and faith and dreams in the hands of other fallible humans (much like ourselves), and then wonder why we are disappointed, rejected, or heartbroken.

That longing was never meant to be met by another person (or a profession or success or drugs/alcohol or limitless possessions), but by the One who never changes and never fails us. There is only one place to turn when that longing for unfailing love drives us onward, and that’s to the very God of the universe Himself—who stands waiting with outstretched arms and nail-scarred hands.

With Thanksgiving nearly upon us, I’ve chosen to focus this devotional thought on the most basic of all human needs…and the One who longs to meet that need. If you haven’t already run into the Father’s arms and received that everlasting love, I encourage you to do so today. If you have, then pray for someone else who also needs to experience that love.

We are entering the busiest season of the year. Stop often and listen. I guarantee you will hear His voice whispering to your heart: “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” Let Him wrap you in that love, where all the storms of earth and even the great divide between this world and eternity cannot separate you from that everlasting love and security. May God increase our longing to climb up into His lap, nestle against His chest, and listen to His great heart….

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