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This weekend I was privileged to be the keynote speaker for the 90th anniversary celebration of the Loveland, Colorado Lion’s Club. I was especially impacted by the organization’s simple, profound motto:


For ninety years this group has embraced humanity’s highest calling—service to others. One of their first projects in 1920 involved caring for veterans of the Civil War, and over time they’ve addressed the evolving needs of their community with a variety of creative projects and programs.

The evening was particularly poignant because Saturday also marked the ninth anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. As I began speaking, I was struck by a powerful sense that their celebration was a perfect commemoration of September 11.

An event designed to promote fear and hate instead inspired countless acts of heroism, courage, and service. First responders ran toward the danger. Civilians risked personal harm to assist those in need.

That’s the servant mentality, sacrificing personal comfort, convenience, and even safety to help others. Servants find joy in the laughter of children and the knowledge that they’ve helped to create cherished memories.

The 9-11 terrorists caused significant grief and pain, but they failed in their primary mission. They believed a cowardly act of destruction would scatter and divide, but they only strengthened the resolve of people like those with whom I shared Saturday evening.

For these folks, WE SERVE is much more than a two-word mission statement. Men and women who operate with that spirit of love and sacrifice will always overcome hatred and fear.

I shared Saturday evening with messengers of light. Their celebration of community service encouraged and inspired, and reminded me of a basic principle:

In a confrontation between darkness and light, light always wins.

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