Do You Have Noble Motives?

But the noble man devises noble plans;
And by noble plans he stands (Isaiah 32:8, NASB).

Of the many rave reviews (and a handful of not-so-rave reviews) I’ve received on my two new novels, No Greater Love and More than Conquerors, the most meaningful came from a young man in his mid-teens.

“I just finished reading No Greater Love,” he told me. “I really liked the story, but the best part was that it helped me understand what noble means. And now I want to be noble too.”

Wow. I felt like raising a “Mission Accomplished” banner! If ever our young people—or we as a country/nation/world—needed a fresh challenge to nobility, it’s now. The word “noble” has nearly vanished from our vocabulary, and I believe that’s a tragic loss. One of the meanings of this seldom used word is “of an exalted moral or mental character or excellence.” That’s exactly what that young man was referring to and what he aspired to become. And shouldn’t we all?

The Scriptures tell us, and logic confirms, that someone who is noble “devises noble plans.” What other sort of plans would a noble person devise? In keeping with his character, the person makes plans that are based on high moral or mental character. Further, the Scriptures assure us that plans built on that sort of foundation will enable the planner to stand firm and not fall.

Of course, the opposite is also true. Plans that are not noble but rather self-centered and devious do not create a firm foundation. When the winds of adversity blow (and they will!), the ignoble foundation will surely fall.

As Christians we must lead the way when it comes to seeking nobility. Though the word is also used to denote being born into an earthly ruling class or royalty, it more surely denotes being born into the greatest royalty of all—the Kingdom of God. If we are born-again children of God, then we have been born into nobility, a royal bloodline, and our lives and plans should reflect that. May we, like the young man who gave me such a brief but excellent review of my book, be known by all who meet us as those who devise noble plans and therefore stand strong when the winds of adversity blow!

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