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Our society celebrates power. We idolize bigger, faster, stronger, smarter.
But if you look carefully, those aren’t necessarily the attributes of the most effective, happy people. Those who rely strictly on natural talent often fail to compete with other, less gifted individuals.

Life doesn’t happen according to our plans. Finances, relationships, health, and external circumstances often take unexpected—and undesired—turns. Those who survive and thrive are not the most educated or physically capable.

I adapt to my injury by using a wheelchair. A friend adapts to job loss by changing career paths. Another friend grieves the loss of a spouse and asks for help to manage unfamiliar tasks.

Sometimes the “good old days” were really good. Often they were simply old. Either way, they’re gone. We may look back with fondness, but the future doesn’t occur in the rear view mirror.

Truth is eternal; right is always right. Beyond those principles, life is about change. We succeed and move forward in the face of change based on our ability to adapt to new situations.

As we begin a new week, let’s seek ways to adapt our thoughts and behaviors to the exciting new possibilities that we’ll encounter.

What’s an “old way” that isn’t working any longer? How can you adapt?

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