In case you haven’t noticed, the world isn’t an especially tranquil place.

Wars rage in many corners of the globe. Anger, conflict, and hostility seem to permeate media, business, and even many personal interactions.

Tranquility is something more than a basic absence of conflict. That’s certainly a good thing, but it’s not really what I have in mind.

I’m thinking more about an inner attitude of tranquility. It’s about internal calm regardless of external circumstances.

This sort of attitude requires significant discipline and courage. It’s easy to become trapped in the current of external commotion.

I believe we’re targets of an enemy who works tirelessly to plant seeds of inner turmoil. He tricks us into internalizing the anger and conflict that surrounds us and spreads the lie that we must engage in the culture’s pervading aggression and antagonism.

My wish for all of us this week is more than cessation of hostilities. I hope we all find some measure of internal stillness and serenity that surpasses the noise and upheaval that characterizes so much of daily life.

Wishing you a week of tranquility.

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Copyright 2010 by Rich Dixon, All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.
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Relentless Grace: God’s Invitation To Give Hope Another Chance
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