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I’ve been watching a lot of different Olympic events. I don’t get all that excited about the well-known athletes. The thing about the Olympics is the athletes who are there making huge sacrifices, taking risks, for a simple reason: they’re chasing a dream.

They’re never going to be famous or make a lot of money as athletes. No medals, little or no media attention. Most of the fans will never notice them. Except for family and friends, no one will know their results.

They are there because they had a dream that was worth more than anything else to them.

I really admire people who pursue their dream. Most of us wish we could do some particular something, but we allow life to get in the way.

Watch one of the obscure Olympic events—like curling. Pick out an athlete who’ll be back at a regular job in a few days. Consider the thousands of hours of practice and training.

Think about the pure joy and satisfaction of achieving a dream.

What’s your dream?

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