Our Shelter from the Storms

“For thou hast been a shelter for me, and a strong tower from the enemy.” Psalm 61:3 King James Version

I have been listening to the weather report off and on tonight.  They have put out a bulletin that there is a winter storm coming to our area tonight with the possibility of snow.  I have lived here for over fifteen years and I have never seen it snow here.  They have opened some shelters for people to go to in case they need protection from the storm and the cold.

We have other kinds of storms in our lives and these shelters can not protect us.  We have storms of criticism, sarcasm, ridicule, judgment and holier than thou attitudes from people who think they are better than we are.  Only Jesus can protect us from these types of storms.  He is our shelter that we can go to when we are being attacked and our hearts are breaking.

Thank God for Jesus, our shelter from the storms of life.  What a comfort and encouragement it is to our weary battle scarred hearts to know that we can run into our shelter and He will protect us from the vicious poisonous attacks of satan and the cruel words of people.  Thank You, Jesus, for protecting us and encouraging us.

God grant that nobody will ever have to flee to Jesus for protection from us because of our sarcastic words and hateful actions.  Every one of us should search our heart and see if we are causing storms in someone’s life by our sarcastic words and hateful actions.  Let’s start treating others as we want to be treated.  Remember, when we hurt people, we hurt Jesus.

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