stuck8But—this wasn’t what I planned.

Does that happen to you? You had things all organized, scheduled, and mapped out. You set goals, knew what you needed to do, and committed yourself to a calendar. Now, you’re ready to get going.

And then something gets in the way. Wasn’t your fault. Couldn’t have been anticipated. An unexpected detour.

I began the month with lofty goals and a workable strategy. I broke the tasks down into smaller chunks, and started this week with a great game plan. I was excited to get going. But …

A family emergency, an unanticipated serious illness. Fourteen hours of windshield time trashed my carefully constructed plan. Seven hundred miles reminded me of a constant lesson of life.

Stuff happens.

Flat tires. Injury. Illness. Computer problems. Doesn’t matter how carefully we plan, detours appear where we didn’t expect them.

This week is a good reminder for me that anyone can do well when it’s all going as expected. I don’t distinguish myself when everything falls my way.

Obstacles filter. Detours divide those who wish they could do it from those who are determined to do it. That doesn’t mean I seek out adversity—I still prefer smooth roads and clear skies. But in the real world, those who succeed have to find ways around, over, or through the inevitable obstacles.

So I tap out this blog in a small-town hotel room, hoping to find an internet connection somewhere. A few tasks get delayed or re-worked. And priorities become a little more clear as I remember that healing and health matter most.

I hope this week’s going well for you. I hope even more that you don’t give up in the face of detour and disappointment.

What’s an unanticipated obstacle you need to overcome today?

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