Do You Act According to What You Believe?

I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God
Than dwell in the tents of wickedness (Psalm 84:10).

I read a very sad story yesterday about a nurse who was “forced” to participate in an abortion, even though she claimed to believe that abortion was wrong.

This story was sad for two reasons. First, of course, it was sad because a baby was murdered. Second, it was sad because, though the nurse claimed to believe that abortion was wrong, she also claimed she was “forced” to participate because if she didn’t she might suffer consequences at her place of employment.

I am now praying for that nurse—and for all the rest of us as well—that she/we will realize we cannot be “forced” to compromise our beliefs under threat of financial consequences. True, it is never easy to act on our faith when it involves the very real possibility of losing our livelihood, our home, our loved ones—even our very lives. But Jesus never promised us easy, did He? In fact, He promised us trials, tribulation, and suffering if we chose to follow Him, since trials, tribulation, and suffering were the hallmarks of the path He walked for us. And as our own path becomes rockier and steeper and more treacherous, we will be called on to make another choice: Will we act on what we say we believe, or will we abandon our faith for comfort and acceptability?

The psalmist declared that he would rather serve as a doorkeeper in the house of God than to live in luxury with those who serve the prince of darkness. How about us, Christians in the 21st century, who—for the most part—have enjoyed a relatively peaceful and prosperous life? Can we too proclaim that we would rather choose a life of service to God, wherever that might lead and however difficult it might prove to be, to remaining comfortable by compromising with the commands of wickedness?

As the time grows short and the days more evil, I believe we will find ourselves called upon more often to make that choice. When that happens, may we be found faithful to act accordingly with what we say we believe!

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