The Bear and Me

One sunny weekend a group of friends went on a picnic and decided that since the picnic was in a familiar location, they would allow the kids to play and have fun away from the picnic site as they normally would.

As a precaution, they told all of the kids to stay away from the tree line because there were bears in the woods. All of the kids agreed and promised they would not get close to the tree line. Off they went wearing backpacks, laughing and having a great time.

Out in the filed they did not realize how close they were getting to the tree line so one of the little girls warned everybody that they should move away. All of they kids started to move away to safety and continued to have a great time. One of the boys was an ‘I’m gonna do things my way’ kind of kid, so he ignored the warning.

The little girl shouted to him to watch out because he was getting too close to the trees. He looked back at her and said ‘don’t be such a chicken, there are no bears in there. Our parents just wanted to scare us. I see a fruit tree and I’m going to get one of the fruits’ Once again she warned him to come back but he ignored her.

Just as sure as she warned him, a bear saw them and began to head in their direction. They began to run as fast as they could shouting ‘a bear is coming, a bear is coming’. Up a hill through the stream, they ran and ran.

The little girl was running beside him but all of a sudden, she stopped and took her backpack off. She changed from her hiking books to her cross training shoes. The little boy stopped also and said, ‘what’s wrong with you, a bear is coming’. Never once did she say to him ‘it’s your fault we are in harms way. She stayed focused on what she needed to do for her safety.

She laced her shoes and said to him. ‘I don’t have to worry about the bear, all I have to do is run faster than you’. Off she went leaving him far behind her.

It might be difficult sometimes to remember that there is a solution to our problems even if it is not the solution we want or would choose ourselves. God does not give us solutions we like. God gives us the solution we need to help us grow in faith and understanding of the power of grace.

A positive attitude is important if we are to have a chance to come through the trials and tribulation we all face in recovery. Keep your eyes on the solution and be true to your self.

Humility, amends, positive thinking and asking for help are important tools of recovery. When we can stop doing the things that are not in the will of God our recovery can be a reward unto itself.

We can recovery and live a spirit filled life if we chose to listen to the messages about how to stay safe and honest in our recovery.

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Copyright 2009 by Jimmy Cathey, all rights reserved. Used by permission.
Jimmy Cathey is a substance abuse counselor and educator. He founded Support Systems, a substance abuse education program that helps families learn about the negative consequences of addiction and the rewards of life in recovery. He was a staff consultant to small and emerging non profit organizatons at Management Center in San Francisco, California.

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