When You Need Guidance in Small Things

Some of you may find yourselves hung up on that problem of guidance in small things. We all grant that God must guide in the great matters — life-work, marriage, a change in business, a crucial decision. But can you tell me where the little ends, and the large begins? I suppose, quantitatively considered, our greatest concerns are infinitesimal in this gigantic universe: but as a matter of fact, God judges qualitatively, with reference to their place in His Great Plan. And here I do not see how one is to say that this is big and that is small…

Let me say this also: there is a certain pride in thinking that “we” can tell if a thing is large or small beforehand. Personally, I am now content to obey my guidance, and let God decide what is big and what is little.

–Samuel M. Shoemaker, From the book:
The Genius of Fellowship
Used by Permission from Healing-Habits.com

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