A Surrendered Will

There are, of course, conditions of guidance. We must have first a surrendered will, as we have said, which wants God’s will more than its own, and is ready to do what one is told, no matter whether it be to one’s taste or not.

We must be relaxed from all tension, of haste or unbelief or too impatient seeking. We need to be freed from self-consciousness, which rationalizes about the processes of guidance while trying to get guidance. This is like digging up flowers by the roots to see how they grow.

The positive attitude here seems to me to be, instead of thinking about whether we or humanity in general are capable of receiving guidance, to remember the omnipotence of God, and His power to send us light if He wills to.

We need every aid to forgetting ourselves, such as a physical posture to insure the greatest freedom and restfulness: many find that lying down is the most advantageous position; sometimes kneeling; sometimes sitting. We want faith, a leaning out towards God, trusting that He who rolls the spheres can guide a human mind.

We need a regular time for waiting on God, as we shall see later; but guidance may come at any time, and the set times are only more protracted periods in which our minds are sensitized to the Holy Spirit. Guidance comes rather to active than to passive people: it comes when the guidedly active person stops for a fresh lesson from God; the more obedience, the more guidance-not as a quantitative quid pro quo, but as a spiritual law.

–Samuel M. Shoemaker, From the book:
The Genius of Fellowship
Used by Permission from Healing-Habits.com

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