No Matter What You are Facing, God’s Love is Still Deeper

“But God raised Him from the dead” (Acts 13:30).

We all know that nothing is impossible with God, but do we really believe it? How many of us are up against situations that overwhelm and dismay us, as we realize how impotent we are to overcome them? But do we also realize that’s exactly where God wants us to be—at the end of ourselves and totally dependent on the God of the impossible to get us through?

Acts 13:30 sums it up so well: But God raised Him from the dead. After Jesus was arrested and falsely accused, tortured and tormented, nailed to a Cross where He hung between heaven and earth—for us—and then sealed in a tomb, GOD RAISED HIM FROM THE DEAD. Think about it: It doesn’t get much more hopeless than being murdered and sealed in a tomb. But even then, God can bring life from death.

At the same time, it’s important to remember that the Father didn’t spare the Son when it came to the agony of the Cross. He didn’t take Him over or under or around it—He took Him through it. And that’s what He offers to do for us. As difficult as our trials may seem at the time, we don’t have to walk through them alone. Not only will He walk beside us if we take His outstretched hand, but He will carry us if necessary.

I recently re-watched one of my favorite movies, “The Hiding Place,” where I was reminded of this great quote: “There is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still.” Whatever you’re facing today and however deep your pit may seem, God’s love is deeper still, and there is nothing impossible for Him. Rest in that powerful truth, beloved—and watch Him bring forth life from the dead.

Copyright 2009 Kathi Macias, all rights reserved. Used by permission.
Kathi Macias is a multi-award winning writer who has authored 26 books. Her newest book “Beyond Me. Living a You-first Life in a Me-first World” and Mothers of the Bible Speak to Mothers of Today (New Hope Publishers) The author can be reached at:

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