Sin is a Choice

Sin is a word which denotes a choosing. The will chooses the bad. It is its duty, in the interest of the world, to choose the good. It is fatal to its own peace and happiness to choose the bad. But it chooses the bad. This act of choosing constitutes the sin.

So long as it consents to the slavery of the bad it cannot perceive that to choose good is not only right, but a matter of the first importance to its own liberty. All sin is reaction; it is an attempt on the part of the human will to reverse the processes of growth–to go back, not to go forward; to descend, not to ascend. The will which chooses the bad, therefore, is in opposition to the will of the universe, that is to say, the Divine Will, the Will of God immanent in growth.

In order to be free from the tyranny of sin, and in order to gain the natural liberty of a will in harmony with the will of the universe, there must be, first and foremost, a desire for the good. Without that desire the will is powerless. But let that desire exist, howwever feebly or intermittently, and the enslaved will is neither helpless nor hopeless. Let that desire beecome the strongest and intensest longing of the heart, and not only can the will be delivered from its oppression, but a change of the will can be brought about so complete, so pervasive of the whole being, so creative in power and goodness, that it may truly be described as a new birth of the soul.

From the book: Life Changers

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