For the Miracle to Happen, I Had to be Open and Willing

The things I change are on the outside and the things God changes are all on the inside. I can only do so much….. yet I need to do all I can.

I have to work each of the 12 Steps. I have to diligently use the tools of recovery given to me. It is up to me to not pick up a drink or drug…. or to say bad things to people…..or mistreat others or myself.

My miracle did not happen until I was honest, open and willing for God to tangibly working in my life. I had to be willing to allow Him to change me.

Ultimately God is in charge of the inner transformation. That takes a miracle… and that is His business. He is really good at miracles.

I thought I understood being born again…. and I was born again as a Christian…. but I got born yet again as a Christian in recovery. It is a miracle. It is God’s doing. And all the praise goes to him.

Psalm 106:8
He saved them for His name’s sake,
that He might make His mighty power to be known.

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