Tears of Happiness

And the Lord God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou? Genesis 3: 9 King James Version

Yesterday morning when I was talking to my parakeet, he started chirping and talking while I was talking. He talks and chirps and whistles a lot but yesterday was the first time he did it while I was talking. It brought tears of happiness to my heart and to my eyes. I think Jesus feels the same way about us. He talks to us and we talk to Him but when we talk together and have a real conversation, it brings tears of happiness to His eyes and to His heart. He loves us so much and He so desires to fellowship with us.

There are times when we use our busy schedules as excuses to keep us from fellowshipping with Jesus. Last week, I heard a sermon on the radio by a pastor about excuses. The pastor said “If you have time to eat and read the newspaper, you have time to talk to Jesus”. We get so involved with our families, with television and with sports that we put Jesus on the shelf and only take Him down when we need something. May God forgive us and have mercy on us!

If you will listen with your heart, you will hear Jesus saying to you “Where art thou?” Search your heart and see if you have allowed your family, your friends, television and other things to come before Jesus. Our precious Saviour loves you so much and He longs to fellowship with you. Will you make room for Jesus in your heart, in your life, in your activities and in your busy schedules?

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