Ya Gotta Have Faith

This article is based on an excerpt from “The Fly and the Jackal: Addiction, Recovery and Biblical Principles”.

Keeping your eye on the end of the road rather than the hurdles.

The road of life has many obstacles and potholes. As you travel on this road, you can travel forward, or you can travel backward. And sadly, most people with addictions always travel in the wrong direction. For example, you relapse – one step backward; you fall to a sinful decision – one step backward; turmoil at home – another step backward. With so many steps back, many of us feel as if we’ll never move forward at all!

Faith is what shifts us into a forward gear. Many of us confuse faith with willpower and wishful thinking. We have a tendency to wish for things to happen, or try to will things to favor our way. And in that process, if the thing or situation doesn’t work out for us, it feels like a step backward in faith.

Faith is the disposition of the mind that gives you direction and moves you forward in life. It guides your steps, even when you are facing roadblocks and obstacles (like addiction). Faith keeps its eye on the end of the road rather than the hurdles.

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