Walking Circumspectly

See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time,
because the days are evil. Therefore do not be unwise,
but understand what the will of the Lord is (Ephesians 5:15-17).

Though there has never been a time since the Great Garden Rebellion that evil has not existed on the earth, it is difficult today not to look at the circumstances surrounding us and not surmise that we are indeed living in the most evil days imaginable. And yet…

Are we, as believers in and children of the Most High God, to be discouraged or defeated over that? Not at all! Indeed, we are to see it as an opportunity to shine His light in the darkness. But are we doing that? Or – God forbid! – are we allowing our light to flicker and fade as we blend into that darkness?

The Scriptures call us to “walk circumspectly,” which, according to Webster’s New World Dictionary means “careful to consider all related circumstances before acting, judging or deciding.” And how do we rightly consider these circumstances? By weighing them against what God says in His Word. What does the eternal God say about the issues we deal with today? We will never know unless we make it a practice to daily search and study the Scriptures.

But once we have discovered God’s will and word on a subject, what do we do next? IF WE TRULY BELIEVE WHAT WE SAY WE BELIEVE, THEN WE WILL CHOOSE TO LIVE ACCORDINGLY!

I will never use this or any other ministry platform to proclaim my personal political or social beliefs or to try to influence anyone to my way of thinking in those areas, but I must say that I am grieved when I hear people who name the Name of Christ and then make decisions – politically, socially, or otherwise—based on anything other than His Word and His will (for they are ALWAYS one and the same!). How can we “walk circumspectly,” shining God’s light in the darkness and wisely redeeming the time He has so graciously given us, if we don’t “understand what the will of the Lord is”? We cannot understand His will if we don’t know His Word, for that is the place He reveals His will. And if we understand His will but don’t CHOOSE to act on it, that is blatant sin—and we are hypocrites of the worst kind.

Consider what your answer would be if someone asked you what you believe about God and about life in general – and then ask yourself if you truly believe it. For if we make our choices and live our lives based on anything other than what we claim to believe…then the truth is, we don’t really believe it.

May we walk circumspectly today…and always…for a dark world desperately needs to see the Light that is within us.

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