Refreshment for Your Soul

My Beloved is like an apple tree … I delight to sit in His shade and His fruit is sweet to my taste! (Song of Solomon 2:3 paraphrase)

While taking a thirsty walk through autumn woodlands, we came across a gnarled apple tree. Cool nights had gilded the edges of its leaves, but hiding beneath them were old-fashioned russet apples. We picked a few, polished their rosy cheeks on our shirttails, and rested under the tree to enjoy a snack. They were slightly tart, but juicy and so refreshing but they hit the spot.

When traveling through a dry time in life, many people turn to popular psychology for answers. Others become hedonistic, sampling pleasure after pleasure. In the end, all is unsatisfying.

King Solomon knew this well. He tried everything, but in his old age dismally concluded that all was vanity and chasing the wind. In his pursuit of pleasure and answers, he lost the simple but satisfying relationship with God.

No matter what season you are in your life, you will find your Beloved — Jesus — has refreshment for your soul. Seek Him out.

Taste and see that the Lord is good.
© Rebekah Montgomery 2008

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